The healthcare sector is a challenge when considering the environmental impact of waste, and due to the pressure to make efficiencies both financially and environmentally, organisations need to achieve a cost effective solution for both objectives.

04 Energy offer a new RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) route where it is now possible to achieve these goals. How
04 Energy are offering an Energy-from-Waste solution without the costly clinical waste incineration process, whilst still achieving landfill diversion. How
04 Energy are committed to making a real sustainable change in this sector and continuing to pioneer the most efficient methods. How
  • 04 Energy is a Refuse Derived Fuel Company (RDF) with a plant facility based in the South East of England, dedicated to converting all types of offensive waste to energy.
  • 04 Energy make use of the combustible residual waste as a potential source of fuel that makes environmental and economic sense.
  • Our treatment facility allows 04 Energy to increase its ability to divert 99% of your offensive waste from landfill coupled with other disposal routes utilised through our parent company, Albus Environmental Ltd.
  • 04 Energy is a division of Albus Environmental Ltd.
Zero Waste

We can all work towards zero-waste by taking advantage of every recycling option and sustainable processing option available through 04 Energy and Albus Environmental Ltd.

04 Energy are pioneering offensive waste in the Refuse Derived Fuel sector, ensuring that as much of your waste as possible is sent to Energy-from-Waste (EfW). This enables your business to achieve zero-waste-to-landfill and maintain an extremely high recycling rate. We believe that this service is what all sustainably minded businesses want from a sustainable waste management partner.